Ultrasonic Exfoliation

Ultrasonic exfoliation
Ultrasonic peel

This is a type of superficial mechanical peeling that cleansing skin using ultrasonic waves and high-frequency vibration removing dead skin cells and from the other side rejuvenating the outer layer of skin.

This is a triple action procedure helps to remove impurities from the skin surface, unclog the pores and exfoliate dead skin cells. Beautician keeps working with ultrasonic waves after exfoliation on the mode of deep penetration of the active ingredients into skin enriching it with nutrients. The vibration also works as a massage boosting collagen production. 

Ultrasonic peel is recognized by experts as a gentle face cleansing treatments that:

-Significantly reduce acne, 

-Clean clogged pores

-Smooth wrinkles

-Improve hemo-dynamics 

-Provide deep moisture and slight lifting effect 

-Increases metabolism providing oxygen to the skin cells

Depending on the individual skin features, ultrasonic exfoliation should be performed no more often than twice a month by oily skin, once in every 3 months by dry skin, some skin requires just a one procedure a year may be enough.

It can be performed in any season without any risk of developing post-traumatic skin pigmentation or other undesired complications. 

Ultrasonic face cleansing is an emergency remedy for dull face skin with imperfections. This is the best way to refresh your face and get a new look when you have no time to prepare your skin for an important event, but want to look gorgeous anyway. 

It is very important to use only high-quality multifunctional device to perform the procedure. Remember that the final result depends on the technical equipment as well as on your beauty therapist’s professional competence.

Ultrasonic peel stages 

The procedure consists of several stages such as: 

• Make-up removal and skin toning according to the skin type 

• Skin exfoliation using desincrustating gel, softening outer layer of dead cells that treat the skin very gently. 

• Ultrasonic peeling for between 5-15 min according to the skin type. 

• Phonophoresis involving application of an ampule medication with cure or cosmetological effect using the flat side of the scrubber moving in the direction of the natural lymphatic flaw. 

• Application of face mask with antibacterial and pore minimizing effect. 

• Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Application of cream with calming effect. 

 For some skin darsonvalization applied as the final stage of the procedure. 

Beauty experts recommend to do a course of 5-10 procedures once in 2-3 weeks if you have problem skin. 

Every procedure lasts about 25-45 minutes depending on the use of additional tools.


Contraindications for ultrasonic peel: 

• Pustular skin disorders and viral skin diseases 
• Facial nerve paralysis 
• Trigeminal neuralgia 
• Infectious diseases 
• Recovery period after deep or mid-grade peel (at least 3 months) 
• Implanted gold thread 
• Pregnancy and lactation 
• Cardiovascular and oncological diseases 
• Implanted cardiostimulator 
• Acute sinusitis 
• Psoriasis and chronic dermatitis 
• Couperose 
• Intrauterine device 
• Gallstones and kidney stones