Dry Skin Care

If you have a dry skin:

It has a sebum deficiency, is often delicate, it lacks firmness. It looks dry, and dull. it lacks defenses and gets marked easily.

The response of Le Club des Professionnels:

To stay beautiful, dry skin needs to be deeply moisturized but also nourished. Oligodermie answers that with a range of products designed to reduce water and oil deficiency, to revitalize skin while protecting it.

Cleanser: Creamy Cleansing Milk (pe 02)Gentle Pampering Lotion(pd 19)

Scrub: Gentle Peeling Cream (pa 09)

Mask: Hydra Relaxing Mask(pd 37)

Serum: Intense Serum Pearl & Silk Extract (pd 22)

Day : Nutrivitalizing Emulsion (pd 35)

Night : Soothing Cream (pb 03)


Sensitive Skin Care

Your client has sensitive skin:

The skin is thin, but at the same time it is fragile. Its reacts to cold, to weather change, and to pollution. It is easily irritated, and is subject to diffuse redness.

The response of Le Club des Professionnels:

This skin type needs extremely gentle products. Oligodermie answers that concern with a range of products that will sooth and calm it


Cleanser: Creamy Cleansing Milk(pe 02)Gentle Pampering Lotion(pd 19)

Scrub: Velvet Scrub Gel Argan & Jojoba (pb 04)or Gentle Peeling Cream(pa 09)

Mask: High Tolerance Mask (pf 05) 

Serum: Pampering Serum (pe 07)

Cream High Tolerance Cream(pf 04)


Combined & Normal Skin Care

Your client has normal skin:

The skin is supple and smooth. Its grain is regular. It is tonic and the makeup can hold all day long.

The response of Le Club des Professionals :

The skin just needs to be well moisturized and protected from external aggressions. Oligodermie answers that with a range of products that will help it maintain its balance and preserve its radiance and smoothness

Cleanser: Fluid Cleansing Emulsion(pe 01)Fresh Purifying Lotion(pd 16)

Scrub: Velvet Scrub GelArgan & Jojoba (pb 04)

Mask: Purifying Mask (pc 03) for the T zone and/or Gel Mask with Hyaluronic Acid (pe 08)

Cream: Hydra Protective Fluid(pe 03)


Oily Skin Care

Your client has oily skin:

The oily skin is characterized by an excessive production of sebum. The face shines summer like winter, the pores are dilated and the makeupdoes not stay all day. The skin misses softness and present imperfections and dark spots.

The response of Le Club des Professionals:

This type of skin needs to be regularly cleaned in-depth. Oligodermie answers that with a range of products that will help it to maintain its balanceand to purify the oily skins.


Cleanser: Foaming Cleanser (pc 01)Fresh Purifying Lotion(pd 16)

Scrub: Iridescent Exfoliating Gel (pc 08)

Mask: Purifying Mask with 3 Clays(pc 04)

Pure: Pure Serum (pc 07) 

Cream: Purifying Cream (pc 05)



Dull & Dehydrated Skin Care

Your client has a devitalized skin:

Her complexion seems grey, as if asphyxiated. Skin lacks glow and firmness. It is tired, stressed, dehydrated and sensible to pollution and weather change.

The response of Le Club des Professionals :

This skin type needs to regain its energy and beauty. Oligodermie answers that concern with a range of products that will give her a nice aspect, whiten its complexion and restore brightness and tonicity.

Cleanser: Creamy Cleansing Milk(pe 02)Gentle Pampering Lotion(pd 19)

Scrub:       Velvet Scrub GelArgan & Jojoba (pb 04)

Mask : Gel Mask with HyaluronicAcid (pe 08)

Serum:  Hydra Serum (pd 36)

Cream :Vitamin C Day Cream (pd 02)


Protective Anti-ageing Care

It is never too early to prevent and attenuate in an effective way the first visible signs of time. By stimulating the cellular renewal to reinforce natural defences of the skin, the Specific Care Anti-Ageing Prevention preserves the glows and the freshness of the complexion. The products are used in cure or regularly according to needs for your clients.

Cleanser: Depending on Skin Types

Scrub: Velvet Scrub GelArgan & Jojoba (pb 04) or Iridescent Exfoliating Gel (pc 08) or Gentle Peeling Cream(pa 09)

Mask  Gel Mask with HyaluronicAcid (pe 08)

Serum  Serum Lift-Minute (pd 11)



Crème aux Cellules Souches (pd 38) ou Crème Q10 Vitaminée (pd 32)

Nuit :

Crème Intensive aux Liposomes (pd 17)


Intensive Anti-ageing Care

At age of 35-40, the skin starts to loose its natural faculties of regeneration. There is a desire to fill the wrinkles and to give again firmness to the skin. The Specific Triple Action Anti-Ageing Intensive Care of Oligodermie will give to your skin plenitude, force and strength.

Cleanser : Depending on Skin Types

Scrub : Iridescent Exfoliating Gel (pc 08)

Mask  : Hydra Relaxing Mask(pd 37)

Serum : Elixir Précieux à l’Oret Extrait de caviar (pd 21)ou Sérum Intense Perle &Extrait de Soie (pd 22)

Cream : Crème Restructurante (pd 33) et Emulsion Fondamentale (pg 06)ou Essence Vitale (pd 34)



Lightening Care

Frequently Sun Exposures & Natural Ageing of the skin are two major factors which generate the appearance of pigmentary spots. The Specific Care ACTIWHITE® clears up and unify the complexion in the effective and durable way.

Cleanser: Depending on Skin Types

Scrub: Iridescent Exfoliating Gel (pc 08)

Mask:  Double Power RadianceMask (pg 10)

Serum: Lightening Serum (pg 07)

Cream: Cream with Actiwhite (pg 08) or Active Day Cream SPF 25 (pg09)